KANKYO’s lake/river restoration treatment using Mira Carbon- A novel Japanese Technology. Mira Carbon’s CarbonFiber is a fibrous carbon substance having a fine graphite crystal structure which is manufactured by carbonizing acryl fibers by a special heat treatment process. CarbonFiber is generally said to be a light, strong, corrosion resistant advanced functional material. It is used as a water purification material, when it comes in contact with surface of water the fibers expand. Active biofilm is formed by high bioaffinity of carbonFiber and its microorganisms decompose the contaminants.


KANKYO’s Chemical-Free Algae Control Solution is an environmentally friendly solution to control algae in ponds with the use of ultrasound technology. The ultrasound creates a sound layer in the top layer of the water. The ultrasound affects the buoyancy of the algae, fixing them in the water column. Due to a lack of sunlight and nutrients, the algae will die and sink to the bottom of the reservoir. The algae are degraded by the bacteria present. It eliminates upto 90% of the algae in water and is friendly to aquatic life.


KANKYO’S Oil Spill Treatment, OILEX is an effective and efficient absorbent for oils, fuels and chemicals, no matter where they occur. It is 100% organic, absolutely non-toxic and absorbs nearly all kind of spills. OILEX is certified in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness by the Material Testing Institute (MPA) in Dortmund, Germany. It is universally applicable and potent on all surfaces.Oilex is advantageous in many ways. It is natural, hydrophobic, lightweight, fast, can be used universally, and is very efficient. It can be used in water, land, small water bodies and for commercial and industrial applications.


KANKYO can design, manufacture and supply environmental solutions for a variety of applications in the wastewater, bioremediation, drain maintenance, Soil remediation and janitorial markets. Bioremediation is defined as the process whereby organic wastes are biologically degraded under controlled conditions to an innocuous state, or to levels below concentration limits established by regulatory authorities.