KANKYO offers a wide range of plug and play type Biogas plants with both wet and dry digestion technology. Generated biogas can be used for domestic application like cooking, feel in Industrial steam boiler, bottling of biogas for cooking and transportation. Our state of the art technology makes the whole system simple and cost effective saving construction lead time drastically.


Natural gas, a fossil fuel is being used for methanol production. With the growing demand for methanol, KANKYO through its unique technology, helps in producing methanol from MSW. Syngas is produced from gasification of Mixed waste, which then is compressed to produce methanol The patented Enertek Gasification is unique and closed loop process that transforms a carbon based material into synthesis gas which then is used for methanol production.


KANKYO offers a perfect sustainable solution to plastic waste. Pyrolysis of plastics thermally degrades the plastic, breaking the bonds of the polymer to produce lower molecular weight oligomers and monomers. The vapours resulting from the process are condensed to produce an oil/wax hydrocarbon product which has a high degree of purity and which are further refined in the process by selective fractionation to give predominantly diesel fuel. Pyrolysis typically takes place at relatively low temperatures in the range 350-450 degC. Pyrolysis transforms organic materials into carbonaceous char, oils and gases.


SAHP is a bionics process the same way as cows digest fibrous food. You can see in the above picture, the straw which is eaten by cow will go into a Rumen Stomach first. Inside this stomach it has some oxygen, so it’s a semi-aerobic atmosphere. And in this stomach hydrolysis process will happen, a lot of microbes and enzyme will work on lignin, so that in the following stomachs which will be totally anaerobic atmosphere, the nutrient substance then will be assimilate by the cow. It’s almost the same process of our biogas plant. First we set a hydrolysis tank with air blowing inside to do the hydrolysis process, during which a lot of microbes and enzymes will be generated naturally. Then in the following digesters, huge amount of biogas will be generated.


Kankyo in technical collaboration with BERT GmbH brings the state of the art Thermo-Gas -Lift technology for mid-sized biogas plants to handle different organic feedstocks. Maintenance-prone, energy-intensive components are not necessary this technology.