We Design For The Future

We have engaged with regional and international partners to help them reduce disposal costs and become leaders in sustainability by delivering reliable renewable energy solutions.

OUR technology matrix

We have an array of indigenous and Japanese technology to meet our customer needs. Our scope of activities includes:

Water & Waste Water Treatment

Kankyo offers a wider range of innovative turnkey solution in water treatment to meet customers process requirements.

Air Pollution Control

We would help to break the organic pollutant at a faster rate. In other words, bioremediation can help to clean up oil spills., remediate water bodies and soil.

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy is a form of energy recovery, and the process actually helps to minimise waste. It is to fight against climate change and provide longer term environmental responsibility

Air Pollution Control

Kankyo offers latest air pollution control systems to cater industrial, domestic and international segments.

Solid Waste Management

We treat solid waste materials from industrial and municipalities in scientifically proven eco- friendly manner.

Other Segments